Hello! I’m Nikhil, a second year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student at Nanyang Technological University. I have a strong passion for creating useful products that make people’s lives better with a focus on aesthetics and creative design. I’m a serial-hackathon attendee, and I’ve won several prizes from Bosch, Amazon Web Services, and Airbus Defence and Space.

I have been awarded the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award for my invention titled: Disaster Recovery with HOPE handset and COMPASS dashboard, along with my fellow inventors James and Bryan.

I’m an autodidact who likes to learn about computing, electronics, space, and design during my free time. I use this personal website to collect and organize my thoughts and learning experiences into blog posts and tutorials. If you like my posts, kindly share it with people interested in these topics. I hope you find the content in my blog useful.

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